March Blog Challenge Day 1

Doing a blog challenge (see previous post), and we are starting out with a selfie and 5 random facts about me. Here goes nothing:


  1. I’m addicted to Twitter and Instagram.
  2. I require GPS to get out of my new neighborhood…and back home…and pretty much anywhere lol.
  3. I’m an atheist.
  4. I’m so afraid of killer whales that I can’t even watch them on tv.
  5. I’m not nearly as nice as most of you think I am (which is why all my friends live in my phone).

About JamieLynnDodd

Wife, mom, student,coffee addict, erratic blogger, fitness junkie, Baby Whovian, random tweeter.

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  1. Yaaaaaaaay!!! Ok, I’m glad I subscribed to your blog way back when. Welcome back!

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