What Makes Me Happy (in a convenient list format)

1. Hot, fresh cup of coffee.
2. Puppy snuggles.
3. Hugs from my kids.
4. Cupcakes.
5. Post workout got my ass kicked feeling.
6. Nail polish.
7. Walking my dog.
8. Glee.
9. Twitter.
10. Photography.
11. Clean sheets.
12. Peanut butter.
13. My son’s laugh.
14. Blank notebooks.
15. Singing in my jeep.
16. Playing Dice w/ Buddies with hubby right before bed lol.
17. Scary movies.
18. A good book.
19. Chai tea.
20. A cold bedroom.
21. A hot shower.
22. Dead zombies.
23. Sheldon.
24. Not living in Indiana anymore.
25. Lists *smirk*


About JamieLynnDodd

Wife, mom, student,coffee addict, erratic blogger, fitness junkie, Baby Whovian, random tweeter.

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