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I’m Predictable

I find it amusing that anyone, including myself, thought I’d be capable of blogging every single day, using topics I didn’t choose myself lol.

Yeah, so that didn’t work. I still want to start blogging again though…

I’m going to enjoy some hot coffee and contemplate this for a bit longer…


What Makes Me Happy (in a convenient list format)

1. Hot, fresh cup of coffee.
2. Puppy snuggles.
3. Hugs from my kids.
4. Cupcakes.
5. Post workout got my ass kicked feeling.
6. Nail polish.
7. Walking my dog.
8. Glee.
9. Twitter.
10. Photography.
11. Clean sheets.
12. Peanut butter.
13. My son’s laugh.
14. Blank notebooks.
15. Singing in my jeep.
16. Playing Dice w/ Buddies with hubby right before bed lol.
17. Scary movies.
18. A good book.
19. Chai tea.
20. A cold bedroom.
21. A hot shower.
22. Dead zombies.
23. Sheldon.
24. Not living in Indiana anymore.
25. Lists *smirk*

Favorite Quotes

Day 2 Blog Challenge – Favorite Quote(s)

I have a few actually…I scribble them in my awesome TARDIS journal whenever I hear something that makes an impact on me.


I don’t always get the sources of these quotes, and I’m not too worried about it for this particular blog lol. I’ll just list a few of them…

“It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” – Marianne Williamson

A mind, like a home, is furnished by its owner, so if one’s life is cold and bare he can blame none but himself.” – Louis L’Amour

“Never sacrifice who you are just because someone has a problem with it.”

“You’re not bored. You are boring.”

That’s just a few from my notebook. Seriously, I have pages and pages of scribbled quotes. I collect them, I guess.

Feel free to leave your favorite quote in a comment…maybe I’ll add you to my book.

March Blog Challenge Day 1

Doing a blog challenge (see previous post), and we are starting out with a selfie and 5 random facts about me. Here goes nothing:


  1. I’m addicted to Twitter and Instagram.
  2. I require GPS to get out of my new neighborhood…and back home…and pretty much anywhere lol.
  3. I’m an atheist.
  4. I’m so afraid of killer whales that I can’t even watch them on tv.
  5. I’m not nearly as nice as most of you think I am (which is why all my friends live in my phone).

March Blog Challenge

I haven’t blogged in forever, but I saw this challenge on Twitter and figured it might be the kick start I’ve been needing. We’ll see if I make it all the way through haha.

Here’s the challenge: Image


I’ll be back in a bit with Day 1…


Abbey and the Car Show

Hello again everyone 🙂

This is my 12 year old daughter, Abbey.

Last Saturday, our family went to a Car Show. I gave Abbey my iPod and asked her to take pictures of what she saw.

I wanted to see things from her perspective. Watching her walk around that day, choosing her subject, adjusting the angle, looking for exactly the right shot – it was inspiring. I’m definitely going to let her use a higher quality camera next time. That’s my only regret from this day…my iPod camera leaves a lot to be desired.

I won’t lie – the fact that my daughter enjoys photography the way I do makes me so happy. She knows how to have fun with it. Sometimes, I need to be reminded of the joy involved.

Here are some of the photos Abbey took. Feel free to leave her a comment to tell her how awesome she is 😀

Here’s one I took of the little photographer, doing her thang

10 Reasons I Won’t Follow You on Twitter

I’m not even remotely Twitter Famous…but I am rather picky lol


1.  You’re an egg. No avi = no follow.

2. You have a bazillion followers, you only follow 1 person, that one person is Justin Bieber.

3.  Your timeline is nothing but canned jokes made by 10 other accounts 2 weeks before you stole them and tried to pass them off as original thoughts.

4. You beg celebrities for RTs.

5.  You’re a business that shamelessly self-promotes without attempting to connect with your followers.

6.  Basic grammar eludes you.

7.  You don’t interact with people. If I don’t see one @ reply in your TL, I’ll assume you just enjoy talking to yourself.

8.  You include spoilers to shows I DVR and you don’t use hashtags or warn me first. Yes, I’m serious lol.

9.  You’re a racist, homophobe, bigot, slut-shamer, Romney fan, religious zealot, or Unicorn hater.

10. You’re family. Get back on Facebook where you belong 😛


Feel free to follow me on Twitter.

When It Rains…

I haven’t posted in a long time because there really hasn’t been much worth blogging about. Lots of drama and heartache, and that’s not what I like to dwell on so I’ve been avoiding my blog (again).

The other day it started to rain, and I brought my 12 year old daughter, Abbey, out on the front porch to sit with me. She decided she wanted to play in the rain, so I took some pictures and videos of her being silly, young, carefree, and awesome.

She lights up my life, even when everything else around me is dark.

She has an infectious laugh that you can’t resist.

She dances for no reason and she doesn’t care who’s watching.

She inspires me every day and I love her so very much.

Basically, these are just the pictures and the videos we took this afternoon…I hope she brings a smile to your face as well.

And here are a few videos:

Abbey is Adorable…no really, listen…she will tell you so herself lol

Splash Me!!

Sexy Like Jesus Riding A Unicorn Through Narnia On A Rainbow Eating Cupcakes and Poopin’ Skittles

Just More Dancing and Silliness

All Done With The Wetness

Write 15: Curveballs

[NOTE: This is a free writing exercise as explained here.]

Life has been throwing me some serious curveballs lately which is one reason I haven’t been blogging as planned.

I had been really excited about doing my Write 15 blogs, but then my laptop died. Like DEAD DEAD! I have no idea what’s wrong with it and I don’t currently have the money to fix or replace it.

I do have access to my husband’s laptop (which might be limited now considering I tripped over the cord last night, knocked it off the chair, and broke part of it).  Anyone else want me tending to their expensive electronic devices?

Besides my laptop disaster, I’ve also been dealing with a massive change in my work environment. It has been extremely uncomfortable and stressful for weeks now. I’m hoping it all evens out soon because I definitely don’t need the added burden of unemployment right now.

Home life has also had some issues lately. While I would love to vent about the sheer craziness of it all, a large portion of this has to do with my children and I do not have their permission to share the details. What I can say is there have been hospitalizations, a lot of confusion, and buckets of tears. I’d like to believe we are on the mend now, but only time will tell.

Basically, life has simply been too screwed up to write about and that put a halt on Write 15. Of course, the timer has been set for this post because it’s something I still want to do.

I will be continuing Write 15 in July, but I’m not necessarily going to do one daily. I will aim for 3-4 each week and see how that goes.

I am just trying to force myself to write more and I believe it will work. I want to find a way to tap back into my creative side, and I have always loved to write. Hopefully, in July, I’ll have the chance to move beyond these journal-style blogs and share other types of writing with [time’s up].

Write 15: Life Through Photographs

[NOTE: This is a free writing exercise, as explained here]

I take a lot of pictures. 

Don’t misunderstand – I take A LOT of pictures.

Most people I know will tell you I take too many. I’ve been fussed at, tackled, avoided, and had things thrown at me for taking pictures of family and friends when they didn’t want me to.

They don’t understand why I do it, I guess, and I often get so flustered in the moment that I can’t explain myself properly.

Photographs don’t lie. Ok, without editing and extreme Photoshop, they don’t. When I point my camera and take a photo – that moment in time is frozen. It is mine. It belongs to me and my memory can never tarnish the truth contained in the image. I will always be able to see it the exact way it happened.

I also take a lot of pictures of myself. I’ve been told I must be conceited, but that’s not the reason at all. When I look in the mirror, I don’t like what I see. My eyes – they don’t see my face the way my camera does. I can take a picture of myself, love it, immediately look in a mirror and wonder how my camera possibly made me look good.

Is this weird? Maybe it is, but it’s how I see things. For me, seeing a photograph where I look pretty, it helps me to overcome the issues I have with my mirror. Perhaps the camera is just more polite than my mirror, who knows.

I prefer to look at my life through the lens of my camera. Sometimes I am unable to see anything good and decent in this world, but when I look through my camera, I can find beauty in some of the strangest places.

I think, if more people understood the wonder I experience through my seemingly random pictures, they wouldn’t complain as much.

No matter how chaotic my life may get, it all seems more simple, more manageable in the tiny viewfinder of a camera. I only have to focus on one small part at a time and my mind can handle that.

I enjoy living through photos. It brings me a sense of control, peace, and [time’s up].