Project 31


Project 31 has since evolved into Twenty11Three65 where I will be posting one picture per day for the entire year.  I’m not posting the pictures on my blog anymore but they can all be found in this Facebook Album.


Day 31: Amanda is Prom Queen & Abbey is highly amused 😀



Day 30 - The book I start reading tonight so Amanda will stop fussing at me 😀

Day 29 - Hubby's new hobby 😀

Day 28 - Hair cut & color makes me feel pretty 😀

Day 27 - Saw this hanging up in the Math/Science bldg today. A cell phone calculator. Any guesses on how old this thing is?? LOL

Day 26 - Kickin' myself for waiting till the day before it's due, to do 7 sections of math homework LOL.

Day 25 - P90X!! Just came in the mail. Official Start Date 2/1/11. So excited (and skeered) LOL. P.S. Get yours here

Day 24 - My birthday 🙂 Celebrated with Blueberry White Chocolate Pancake Puppies!! YUM!!

Day 23 - The corkboard above my desk is a catch-all for notes, jewelry, pictures, etc. It's a mess & I love it.

Day 22 - Shiny Rocks Instead of Candy (Mom Approved)

Day 21 - Retail Therapy


Day 20 - My new HTC EVO


Day 19 - Hangin' with my new friends in Anatomy Lab


Day 18 - Partial view of one of the gyms at school


Day 17 - My Best Friend 🙂 No matter where I go, she can always show me the way back home.


Day 16 - Mojo pimpin' his new coat 😀


Day 15 - I call this one "The picture I take when I realize it's 10pm and I haven't taken a picture for today, and I'm too busy to run around my house looking for something interesting to photograph". Or "Day 15" for short.


Day 14 - Christian waiting to get his immunizations updated


Day 13 - Self Portrait


Day 12 - How I Survived This Day


Day 11 - Morning Snow


Day 10 - Sitting in the dark classroom waiting for everyone to show up.


Day 9 - My "healthy" cookies. They're soooo good!!!


Day 8 - Puppy Love


Day 7 - Went to the bookstore and got all my books for the new semester. I'm in nerd heaven right now!!


Day 6 - Mojo likes to find the best sunny spot to nap. Today it just happened that the sun was shining perfectly on the laundry basket sitting on the couch.


Day 5 - Hunter and the face you can't say no to.


Day 4 - Abbey with the new RC Car we got her for her birthday


Day 3 - Yes, I went to Sam's. Yes, I bought 80 K-cups of Caribou Coffee. No, I don't see that as a problem.


Day 2 - Bushido lounging on my bed


Day 1 - coffee, Facebook, & working on my To-Do list


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