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Write 15: Curveballs

[NOTE: This is a free writing exercise as explained here.]

Life has been throwing me some serious curveballs lately which is one reason I haven’t been blogging as planned.

I had been really excited about doing my Write 15 blogs, but then my laptop died. Like DEAD DEAD! I have no idea what’s wrong with it and I don’t currently have the money to fix or replace it.

I do have access to my husband’s laptop (which might be limited now considering I tripped over the cord last night, knocked it off the chair, and broke part of it).  Anyone else want me tending to their expensive electronic devices?

Besides my laptop disaster, I’ve also been dealing with a massive change in my work environment. It has been extremely uncomfortable and stressful for weeks now. I’m hoping it all evens out soon because I definitely don’t need the added burden of unemployment right now.

Home life has also had some issues lately. While I would love to vent about the sheer craziness of it all, a large portion of this has to do with my children and I do not have their permission to share the details. What I can say is there have been hospitalizations, a lot of confusion, and buckets of tears. I’d like to believe we are on the mend now, but only time will tell.

Basically, life has simply been too screwed up to write about and that put a halt on Write 15. Of course, the timer has been set for this post because it’s something I still want to do.

I will be continuing Write 15 in July, but I’m not necessarily going to do one daily. I will aim for 3-4 each week and see how that goes.

I am just trying to force myself to write more and I believe it will work. I want to find a way to tap back into my creative side, and I have always loved to write. Hopefully, in July, I’ll have the chance to move beyond these journal-style blogs and share other types of writing with [time’s up].


The 10 (But Really 13) Things I Learned On My Social Media Break

  1. I tweet A LOT! I kept picking up my phone when something happened, then setting it down again after remembering I wasn’t tweeting.
  2. Twitter is free therapy. I tell a bunch of strangers more about my life than I tell my therapist. Why am I paying her again?
  3. Without tweeting, the need for my cellphone decreased and I began questioning why I was paying so much for it. Don’t be stupid, of course I kept it.
  4. I missed all the crazy people I follow – the people who I’ve really come to depend on – the ones I adore.
  5. I need people to validate my very existence on a regular basis. I require reassurance that I’m pretty, smart, funny, etc. Twitter is great for that.
  6. I’m convinced the world needs to know my every move, thought, and meal. Yes, Twitter makes me feel way more important than I really am.
  7. Venting online keeps me from killing my husband or selling my children to the lowest bidder (I’m still accepting offers though).
  8. I really enjoy letting strangers make my decisions for me, from choosing my nail polish color to whether I should buy my son a cellphone. It makes life so much easier.
  9. Working overnight, knowing I have no one to text at 3am, I could always count on Twitter to keep me entertained. The last 2 weeks were extremely boring.
  10. My kids say a lot of funny shit. I don’t really have friends with children so I rely on my fellow parents on Twitter to laugh with me. I haven’t been able to share any good kid stories lately.
  11. No one around here cares about my tv show obsessions. I have no one to talk to about my favorite characters. Twitter is full of obsessed freaks like me.
  12. I am even more convinced of the utter uselessness of Facebook. I didn’t miss that at all.
  13. I don’t ever want to go this long without tweeting again…

Bored…with a camera and stuff.

While at my mother-in-law’s house yesterday, I took a bunch of random pictures. Mainly, it was just a way to pass the time and I was playing around with the different camera apps I have on my phone and iPod. They’re all a bit wonky, edited with various programs and in no particular order. Take it or leave it, I guess.

Just Today

Why Not Wednesday: Lottery

Welcome to the first Why Not Wednesday 😀  Check out your question for today and don’t forget to show me some love by clicking LIKE, and leave me a comment on here with your answer.  Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!!


Day 15 Photo

Day 15 - I call this one "The picture I take when I realize it's 10pm and I haven't taken a picture for today, and I'm too busy to run around my house looking for something interesting to photograph". Or "Day 15" for short.

Today (AKA The Blog Post That Isn't A Blog Post)

Today I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the uninterrupted time I need to write a good blog post.


Today is my daughter Abbey’s 11th Birthday.



Today was the 1st day back to school for the kids which meant I had to get up early and drop Abbey off.  All that sleeping in I’ve been doing made 7am seem like the buttcrack of dawn.


Today was also the one day a month that hubby and I go to Evansville, which is about an hour away.


I got to buy these glasses…



And these belts…

Then we went to Sam’s Club to stock up on bulk food stuffs.

THEN we drove the hour back home.

Today has been stressful because I’m trying to figure out what I’m switching my major to.  This decision will be finalized tomorrow, my 2nd semester starts in one week, and I still have no clue what to pick.

Today the birthday girl requested we spend some quality time killing zombies, so I played with her for almost 2 hours.


Today I didn’t get the quiet time I needed to write a thoughtful, impressive blog – so I’m just dumping this mess on you and hoping for the best.



Day 1 Photo

Day 1 - coffee, Facebook, & working on my To-Do list

Why the heck am I doing this?  Go here to read all about Project 31.