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10 Reasons I Won’t Follow You on Twitter

I’m not even remotely Twitter Famous…but I am rather picky lol


1.  You’re an egg. No avi = no follow.

2. You have a bazillion followers, you only follow 1 person, that one person is Justin Bieber.

3.  Your timeline is nothing but canned jokes made by 10 other accounts 2 weeks before you stole them and tried to pass them off as original thoughts.

4. You beg celebrities for RTs.

5.  You’re a business that shamelessly self-promotes without attempting to connect with your followers.

6.  Basic grammar eludes you.

7.  You don’t interact with people. If I don’t see one @ reply in your TL, I’ll assume you just enjoy talking to yourself.

8.  You include spoilers to shows I DVR and you don’t use hashtags or warn me first. Yes, I’m serious lol.

9.  You’re a racist, homophobe, bigot, slut-shamer, Romney fan, religious zealot, or Unicorn hater.

10. You’re family. Get back on Facebook where you belong 😛


Feel free to follow me on Twitter.


Top Ten (but really 8) Signs You’re a VU Journalism Major

  1. You’re so stressed out about writing your next news story that you find yourself rocking back and forth in a corner clutching an empty bag of Cheetos in one hand and a Monster BFC in the other… but you have no idea how you got there.
  2. You cry… a lot…at random times… for no apparent reason… but you know deep down it’s because your %&@#ing editors are out to get you!!!
  3. You see the campus police drive by, lights flashing, and instead of thinking “Glad it’s not me” or singing the theme to Bad Boys in your head, you feel the need to grab your notebook and camera and follow them.
  4. You have a love/hate relationship with Monday evenings.
  5. You have sat down at a computer to proofread a story and actually said the words, “Is this even English?” This is typically followed by eventual whimpering and/or pulling your own hair out.
  6. You have waited quietly, with fingers crossed, praying to {insert random imaginary entity name here} that you don’t get assigned a story that sends you to interview HER. (Oh yeah, y’all know who I’m talking about)
  7. You have found yourself harassing random people on campus for your Person on the Street story, eventually begging everyone you see for permission to print their picture in the paper because all the girls you’ve asked said they weren’t “ready” (they showed up to school in sweats with no make-up).
  8. You can’t make it out of one single staff meeting without having said or overheard at least 3 “That’s what he/she said” jokes.